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obama and governor mitt romney are back on the campaign trail today. mr. romney will be in virginia, and the president is going to deliver remarks in colorado and wisconsin. both candidates traded views on the economy and domestic issues last night in denver. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: mitt romney set the debate tone early. >> under the president's policies, middle-income americans have been buried. >> reporter: energetic and aggressive, romney slammed the president's economic record and laid out his own plan. >> there be will no tax cut that adds to the deficit. i want to underline that no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> reporter: but the president repeatedly insisted that romney is calling for $8 trillion in tax cuts and spending that cannot be paid for without adding to the deficit or burdening more middle-income americans. >> it's math. it's arithmetic. >> reporter: the. also criticized his -- the president also chris sitees the -- criticized hid cal letter without -- his challenger of not providing more. the obama campaign is conceding that the extensive preparat
was struck by the officers, is expected to testify. >>> president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail after last night's spirited debate. the president lived up to his promise to be more aggressive. mitt romney, however, stood his ground. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney head to separate corners of the country to campaign after one of the most combative presidential debates in recent memory. >> you'll get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. >> i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours. >> reporter: the president and his republican challenger clashed on just about every issue invading each other's space and battling for uncommitted voters. >> not drew. >> how much did you cut it? >> governor, we produced more oil-- >> no much, how much did you cut licenses and permits on federal waters? >> reporter: when the sparring was over, cbs news asked a group of about 500 uncommitted votessers who won. 47% said the president. 30% said romney and a third called it a tie. predictably both sides claim victory. romne
are behind closed doors today getting ready. mitt romney is preparing in colorado and the latest polls show he is trailing the president in most swing states. >> we can do this. >> reporter: his running mate paul ryan is on a bus tour working to sway voters in iowa. >> our goal is to earn your support. we want to deserve this victory. >> reporter: vice president joe biden is in the battle ground state of north carolina today while president obama studies for the debate in nevada. he is holding practice sessions with former presidential candidate john kerry playing the part of mitt romney. on monday the president called campaign volunteers and told one of them what debate preparation is like. >> they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> reporter: the stakes are high for wednesday's debate but both the white house and the romney campaign are trying to lower expectations. neither side wants their candidate to take the stage with a perceived advantage. the polls show most americans believe obama will win the first debate. >> thank you so much. >>
was near the window. >>> turning our attention now to campaign 2012. mitt romney joins running mate paul ryan in the critical swing state of ohio. meanwhile, president obama is stay be put in washington, d.c. for the day where he is preparing for the next two debates. danielle nottingham has the latest now from the campaign trail. >> reporter: mitt romney is back in the battleground states today talking to supporters in virginia. later the republican nominee travels to ohio where running mate paul ryan will join him. >> this is not what a real recovery looks like. we need real reforms for real over. that's exactly what mitt romney and i are proposing. >> reporter: the romney campaign is praising ryan's performance in last night's vice presidential debate against joe biden. as the two men discussed domestic and foreign policy, the current vice president spent most of the night on offense. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey. >> reporter: he interrupted ryan and talked into the camera directly several times. >> folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on that? >> repo
in the workplace. [ cheering and applause ] governor romney wants to take us to policies more suited to the 1950s. even his own running mate says he's kind of a throwback to the '50s, that's the one thing we agree on. but he may not have noticed we're in the 21st century. [ cheering and applause ] and in the 21st century, a woman deserves equal pay for equal work. [ cheering and alause ] this should be a no-brainer. but no matter how many times governor romney's asked whether or not he supports a law upholding that idea, he refuses to say. why -- why should this be hard? are you for equal pay for equal work? are you for sure making sure laws enforce that basic prince 8:00? he can't tell you, i can. i support that law. in fact the lilly ledbetter pay act was the first lochia i signed into -- law that i signed into office. >> he's on the campus of george mason university in fairfax, virginia. for more on campaign 2012, let's go to tara mergener. >> reporter: president obama headed back to the campaign trail friday to rally supporters and try to sway undecided voters in virginia. mitt romney and his
romney square off tonight in the first of three presidential debates. bigad shaban reports that tonight's debate will focus on the economy, health care and other domestic issues. >> reporter: the stage is set for the first presidential debate. mitt romney trails in many battleground state polls. this is an opportunity to him to gain some ground. >> i think you're going to see the mitt romney that really cares about putting the american people back to work. i think that's the most important goal that the governor has. >> reporter: president obama will be pressing his own plan for the economy. but today he's facing new criticism over something he said during 2007 during his speech of a predominantly black office. he implied the bush administration was with holding recovery money after hurricane katrina based on race. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? >> reporter: all major media outlets covered the speech at the time. >> i'm a little amazed that as you mentioned a widely covered speech, likely by people at your network is somehow caused a kerr fluffle five year
and republican challenger mitt romney had their final face-to- face debate. tara mergener has more on last night's clash and today's campaigning. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail early rallying supporters in del ray beach, florida after his final debate with mitt romney. >> during the debate, he said he'd want more troops in iraq but he was caught on video saying it was unthinkable not to leave 20,000 troops in iraq. >> reporter: romney posed for pictures with police officers this morning before heading to nevada and colorado. both candidates are beginning an all out blitz of key battleground states in the final two weeks of the campaign. during last night's foreign policy debate, the candidates clashed over military sides and spending, russia and iran but their answers often drifted back to the economy. >> america must be strong. america must lead, and for that to happen, we have to strengthen our economy here at home. you can't have 23 million people struggling to get a job. >> both at home and abroad, he has proposed long and reckless policies. >> reporter: when it was over
campaign. president obama and mitt romney are both making a big push for women's vote in the final days of their campaign. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama headed to man chaser, new hampshire this morning to rally supporters and sway undecided voters of the the president and republican challenger mitt romney are both making a push for women's votes in the final weeks of the campaign. >> this is a presidency that has not helped america's women. as i go across the country and ask women what can i do to help, what they speak about day in and day out is help me find a good job. >> reporter: recent polls show romney making gains with women voters, but his comment at tuesday's debate about hiring women as massachusetts governor is still drawing fire. >> they brought us whole binders full of women. >> reporter: romney apparently meant to say binders full of women's resumes. democrats are on the attack. >> the idea to go and ask where a qualified woman was, he should have come to my house. he didn't need a binder. >> reporter: the republican white house hopeful will sp
year. >>> president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are getting ready for their final day before their town hall style debate. the candidates will be taking questions from undecided voters at hofstra university in long island, new york. susan mcginnness has a preview. >> reporter: workers are getting new york's hofstra university ready for tuesday's debate. both candidates are also getting ready. president obama is hold up at a virginia resort focused on debate prep. he stepped out just once over the weekend to visit a campaign office. >> how is the debate prep going, sir? >> it is going great. >> reporter: that answer is much different than the one he gave when he was asked the same question before the first debate. >> it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> reporter: the obama campaign says the president will be more energetic this time around and the romney team is getting ready for a more aggressive opponent. ohio senator robb portman is playing the role of president obama during romney's debate prep. >> president obama will come out swipging. i think he will
for the president's poor performance in the first debate. mitt romney's example is going -- camp is going to try to keep his momentum going after his solid showing in debate one. randall pinkston has more from kentucky. >> reporter: paul ryan is in kentucky getting ready for his face-to-face meeting with vice president joe biden. leading up to the debate, mitt romney's running mate has been trying to raise expectations for the current vice president. >> joe bide southbound one of the most experienced debaters with have in modern politics but the achilles he has is obama's record. >> reporter: the city of danville has rolled out the welcome mat for the candidates. >> it's one thing to study politics and government in the classroom and it's another thing to see it and have a front row seat. >> reporter: vice president joe biden has been staying out of thpublic eye in recent days reportedly fueling up on gatorade and animal crackers. chris van hollen stood in for paul ryan in the mock debate. >> the big challenge for someone like joe biden who is so glib and so good at listening to people is delive
challenger mitt romney out performed him in the first debate and reenergized his campaign. democrats expect a livelier president this time. >> he needs to be energetic. >> reporter: romney will try to build on gains he made at the first debate. his supporters are expecting him to deliver another strong performance. >> i think he's turned the election around after the first debate. now he has to -- just keep the momentum going. >> reporter: romney's surge has spread to female voters. a new poll shows him just a point behind the president among likely voters in key swing states. tonight's debate will use a town hall style format. 80 randomly selected uncommitted voters will be in the audience. 11 of them will get to ask a question on foreign or domestic policy. >> both can dots have done -- candidates have done well in town hall settings and both have done poorly. it will just depend on how they operate in the time in the moment. >> reporter: both can expect questions from moderator kathy crowley. she said she didn't sign on to abpot the plant. the obama campaign says the present is ready for
, florida. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney take the stage in florida tonight to debate foreign policy. romney is expected to sharply criticize the response to the attack in libya that killed four americans. >> it is the governor's greatest opportunity. he can show there is a weakness in obama foreign policy. >> reporter: the two candidates will also tackle questions on china, iran's nuclear ambitions and ending the war in afghanistan. campaign watchers usually give the advantage to the sitting president when debating international issues. president obama's supporters say he has a strong record, including the successful take down of osama bin laden. >> i expect the president to be especially forceful, since the topic of this debate is foreign policy. this has been one of the great strengths of the president. >> reporter: tonight's debate is crucial to both candidates. polls show a tightening race and that all of the season's debates are swaying voters. >> reporter: in the critical battleground state of ohio a poll shows the president up 5 points, 50-45. but romney has cut the pr
are in the battleground state. a new associated press poll of likely voters shows governor romney has an advantage among women. tara mergener reports the president has nearly erased romney's advantage with men. >> reporter: the campaign blitz started before dawn. he delivered donuts to florida firefighters and rallied supporters in tampa. after stopping in four battleground states wednesday, the president hits three more today. he'll also travel to illinois where early voting is under way. >> i can't tell you who i'm voting for. it's a secret ballot. but michele says she voted for me. >> reporter: a prominent republican said on cbs this morning he also plans to vote for president obama. >> i voted for him in 2008 and i plan to stick with him in 2012 and i'll be voting for he and for vice president joe biden next month. >> reporter: for republican challenger mitt romney to win the white house, he'll need victories in several battleground states. today he's focused on winning ohio. the governor greeted voters at a cincinnati cafe this morning. he'll spend the whole day in the critical state working to swa
, both presidential candidates are campaigning in virginia today. mitt romney will hold what he calls a cold country event in abingdon. president obama held a campaign rally in george mason university. surae chinn joins us live from fairfawith more information. [ no audio ] all right, we're having some technical difficulty getting to surae chinn. we'll try and get back to her in a few minutes. >>> well, there's good news for the president because the jobs report was released today. and for the first time in four years, the unemployment rate dipped below 8%. very good news for the white house. no president has been re- elected with unemployment above 8% since the great depression. but republican challenger mitt romney says that those numbers are not good enough. tara mergener has more now from the white house. >> reporter: john keenan is repairing bikes these days. not in montana where he owns a farm with his wife but in springfield, virginia. >> i moved back in with my parents the same house i grew up in. >> reporter: keenan left behind breathtaking vistas and his cashmere sheep becau
. >>> well, just moments ago, mitt romney wrapped up what is being called a major foreign policy speech in virginia. he spoke to cadets at the virginia military institute in lexington, and the republican presidential nominee says the risk of conflict in the middle east is higher today than it was when president obama took office. >> hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds. when our defense spending is being arbitrarily and deeply cut and we have no trade agenda to speak of, and the perception of our strategy is not one of partnership, but of passivity. >> virginia governor bob mcdonald introduced romney to the crowd. he spoke mainly about the impact of mandatory defense cuts in virginia, if congress does not reach a budget deal. >>> meanwhile, president obama is on the opposite side of the country. he is embarking on a west coast fundraising swing for the next two days. his campaign is expected to bring in about nine and a half million dollars. >>> well the league of women voters is sponsori
in florida. mitt romney is a frequent flyer as well. he's crisscrossing the country this week with rallies in nevada and iowa. >> we don't have to settle for what we've seen the last four years. americans are tired of being tired. we can do better. >> reporter: polls show the race for the white house is too close to call and with less than two weeks until election day, the candidates know every vote counts. the election will likely come down to nine battleground states. that's where both campais are spending almost all their money and time. paul ryan and joe bidens have been dispatched to the all important ohio. and close campaigns are relying on star power. >> we need someone who can turn around fast. >> reporter: clint eastwood is featured in a new ad supporting mitt romney. bruce springsteen is hitting swing states for the president. the candidates hope celebrity endorsements will push supporters to the polls right now. early voting is under way in many battleground states. >> i want you to go vote. >> reporter: the president is taking his own advice. he plans to vote in illinois tomorr
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